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Acting President
Term: 2010-2011

Michael Doncheski
Penn State Mont Alto

Dr. Michael A. Doncheski is a Professor of Physics at Penn State - Mont Alto and has been teaching physics there since 1996. He received his PhD in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics from Penn State in 1990, and prior to his current position held postdoctoral research appointments at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. His research interests include Beyond the Standard Model Physics and Visualization Techniques in Teaching Quantum Mechanics.
Vice President
Term: 2010-2011

Michael R. Gallis
Penn State Schuylkill

Dr. Michael R. Gallis is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Penn State Schuylkill where he has been teaching since 1990. He received his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Penn State in 1990. His original research interests were in the Dynamics of Quantum Open Systems with applications to Quantum Decoherence and Measurement Theory. His current focus is on developing visual materials for use in Astronomy and Physics Courses, and maintains a YouTube channel for his 3-D animations.
Term: 2010-2011

Stephen Van Hook
Penn State

Dr. Stephen J. Van Hook is Lecturer in physics at Penn State University Park. He received his M.A. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and his PhD in physics from the University of Texas at Austin, where he worked in the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics. His current research interest is in Physics Education Research at both the K-12 and University level and he is the co- Director of the K-3 Research-based Inquiry Physics Experience (RIPE) project. He taught at Georgetown University and Bowling Green State University before coming to Penn State in 2007.
Term: 2010-2012

Sadari Khanna
York College

Dr. Sardari Khanna is Professor of Physics at York College, Pennsylvania since 1965. He received his Ph.D. from Saugar University, India. His thesis was in the area of Solid State Physics. He has been on the E-Board of the Academic Senate as a Treasurer for the last 32 years. The York College has set up an Academic Senate Scholarship last year in his name to honor him for his long and distinguished service.
High School Representative
Term: 2009-2011

Dave McCachren
Indian Valley High School

Dave McCachren has been teaching physics in the Mifflin County School District since 1973; currently at Indian Valley High School. He received his BS (1973) and Med (1977) in Physics Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has been a PTRA Representative since 1995.
Section Representative
Term: 2009-2011

Lynn Aldrich
Misericordia University

Dr. Lynn K. Aldrich is an Associate Professor of Physics at Misericordia University and has been teaching physics there since 1988. She received her Ed.D. in Science Education from Temple University and her M.S. in Physics from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Her research interests include topics in Physics Education such as self-efficacy in pre-service elementary teachers of science and service learning in introductory physics classes.
Two Year College Representative
Term: 2010-2012

Greg Dolise
Harrisburg Area Community College

Gregory Dolise is an Associate Professor of Physics at Harrisburg Area Community College. He teaches astronomy as well as physics courses in traditional and online formats. Greg has worked in the aerospace sector, where he specialized in star simulation and space optics. An early job was with Perkin-Elmer on the Hubble Space Telescope. Greg performed measurements for vibration testing of the secondary mirror, and helped with design and fabrication of the star simulator to test the Optical Control system and Fine Guidance System of HST. Later jobs with Bendix Aerospace involved star simulation for satellite navigation systems. Greg has written test banks for astronomy and physics texts and is currently involved in a project for teacher certification exams.
Web Master
Past President

Term: 2010-2011

John Reid
Lock Haven University

Dr. John D. Reid has been a Professor of Physics at Lock Haven University since 1997. From 1981-1985 he worked for 4 years at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., in Sunnyvale, CA, as a Satellite Operations Engineer. He received his Ph.D. in Experimental High Energy Physics from Penn State in 1993. Before teaching at Lock Haven, he did his graduate work on Charmonium Spectroscopy at Fermilab, and postdoctoral work with Penn State and Vanderbilt University on Strange Quark Matter at Brookhaven Lab.