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We are very excited to announce the release of PhysTEC's first book on Physics Teacher Education. Editors David Meltzer (Arizona State) and Peter Shaffer (University of Washington) put together a very impressive set of articles on this topic -- the first collection of this kind. Also, a big thanks to all of the authors who contributed to this book, which has recently been sent in hardcopy form to all physics departments in the US.

The arrival of the book might make an opportune time to bring teacher preparation to your department's attention. Along these lines, if you are considering incremental actions to take to improve teacher education in your department, you might take a look at the set of "quick tips" we assembled based on input from the community we have seen over the past decade. These are available at: http://www.phystec.org/quicktips.php.

The new book is organized in a slightly different style with 1-2 page summaries in addition to the usual abstract. These make for a quick read by people who may not want to read the entire research article, or in getting a broader sense of what is out there from some of the leading scholars in the country. The book also opens with a review article written by David Meltzer which provides an exhaustive set of references on the topic.

The book is available for free download at: http://www.ptec.org/webdocs/PtecBook.cfm. Also, if you need an additional hardcopy version of the book, let us know and we can send one out (we have a limited supply). We hope that you will find this a useful resource, and refer others to this link.

Finally, I will add that we are beginning the process of a second volume that will focus on the practical aspects of establishing and improving teacher education programs. Cody Sandifer (Towson) and Eric Brewe (Florida International) have agreed to co-edit this book. Look for more information on this soon.

Thanks again for your interest in physics teacher education.


Theodore Hodapp, Ph. D., Director of Education and Diversity American Physical Society Email: hodapp@aps.org One Physics Ellipse Phone: 301-209-3263 College Park, MD 20740 FAX: 301-209-3653

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